Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tooth Fairy time

Sian is expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight :)

This morning, at the age of 6 years and 6 months (exactly to the day!), she lost her first baby tooth. After months of wiggling and jiggling she woke up to find her wobbly tooth was missing. A few minutes of mass panic followed until the missing tooth was discovered on her bedroom floor LOL! No longer will she be the only child in Year 2 with a full set of baby teeth.

I hope the Tooth Fairy remembers to visit tonight......

Monday, February 26, 2007

Creative Photography

Spent a fabulous day yesterday on a 'Creative Photography and Scrapbooking' course.

The day started with a theory class with Kirsty where we learnt about white balance and the difference it can make to your photo's. This was followed by a practical class with Kirsty learning how to take those gorgeous shots where the subject is in focus and the background is blurred. We all then had a photo taken by Kirsty, so I can now say that I've been 'Kaptured by Kirsty' LOL!

Then I had a practical class with Natalie learning about how to use shutter priority to capure movement. I only had limited success with this technique but the class was amazing - Natalie is such a natural teacher.

After lunch we did a LO class with Kirsty using glossy accents on acetate. The final class of the day was a totally gorgeous canvas using the photo taken by Kirsty earlier in the day. This class was amazing, I loved it (probably becuase it was all painty and inky LOL!). It was the first time Debbie Nicholas had ever given a class but again, she was fantastic, a natural teacher!
The only problem now is that I NEED a better camera now......

I had a great day- learnt new things, did some amazing classes with great company and we ate chocolate cake - what more could a girl want LOL!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine post

Huge thanks today to the lovely Lori for my gorgeous altered valentine swap - I love it :)

Monday, February 12, 2007


UKS Blog Prompt: Family Matters - what is your background, are you part of a big or small family, are you close? how often do you see your family, and is there anything you would like to improve or change about your family life?

Family is a really important thing to me. DH and DD are my life - I wouldn't be me without them :)

Myself and DH have been together since I was 15. I can't imagine us not being together (well, most of the time anyway!) and he is also my best friend. DD is just a total little treasure (again, most of the time!).

I've got 2 sisters. R is 6 years younger and L is 9 years younger. Growing up myself and L were very close but now we really have very little in common. We have such different outlooks on life, ideas on bringing up children, work ethics - everything really! Although she only lives over the other side of the Mersey (about 3 miles) we rarely see each other and don't even text hat often.

As aduts R and I now have the closeness that we never had growing up. Looking back I can now see that as a teenager I really resented having a 7 year old hanging round me, cramping my style but having a toddler sister was somehow 'cute' - crazy I know, but that's teenagers for you! R now lives in Manchester (about 20 miles away) and we try to meet up every couple of weeks (at least once a month if not more) and we chat/text several times a week. As we get older we are becoming more similar.

Parents are a totally different issue! My parents divorced about 5 or 6 years ago. My mum died 2 years ago but I can't say that any of her daughters felt close to her. During the last few years of her life she had a number of 'issues' and instead of allowing us to help she did everything possible to push is all away. I guess in the end she got her wish!

Dad is remarried and lives in Thailand. He comes over about once a year but other than that we don't really have much of a 'relationship'. He has a new life now and is only in contact wth any of us when he wants something.

My in-laws are total treasures. They look after DD on a regular basis and are always there if I want a chat. Don't get me wrong, they drive me absolutely potty but I'd be lost without them.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Non-crop day

Sian is still poorly so I had to miss Chorley crop today :( I was hoping to just go for the afternoon once DH was home from work but DD wasn't happy about me leaving her with daddy - she really does know how to lay on the guilt trips LOL! The again, I'm sure if I'd gone then I would have spent all afternoon wondering how she was so it's probably just as well I statyed at home.

Instead of cropping we snuggled on the sofa and watched High School Musical again. Hopefully she will be feeling better tomorrow so she can go to her friends birthday party at a new place called 'Underwater Street' in Liverpool - it looks fantastic and she will be so disappointed if she's not upto it....

Friday, February 09, 2007


DD is still poorly so despite taking a day off work I've got nothing to share as I've been playing Florence Nightingale all day.

Today's pic is my entry in an ATC CJ with a theme of Childhood

Nomal service will resume shortly.....

Off today as Sian is poorly again :( Hopefully she will be feeling better later so I can have some play time.

I had a really productive evening last night - Vintage ATC's for Tanda Stamps Feb swap, Valentine Swap at Alter Native, added a bit more to a CJ cover, birthday card for my nephew and a birthday card for one of DD's friends and added my bits to an Altered Hat Swap at Alter Native! Can't remember last time I managed to get so much done in one go LOL!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Busy creating CJ's at the moment. I've got 3 new ones starting this month and not one of them is ready yet.... 2 have the covers half done and the 3rd is not even started yet so I've got nothing new to show today so instead I'll post a scrapbook page that I don't think has been on here before :)


Quick post tonight to show you some ATC's. They are for the first monthly swap over at the Tanda Stamps forum - the monthly theme was Lavender and Lace

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Medallion card

I've been asked to make a special 60th birthday card for Sian's friend's nan. The only brief I was given was 'sparkly but not yellow' - not much to go on there!

She is very young, fun loving and vibrant so a beautiful, sparking medallion card seemed the way to go. I love making these cards (when I have the time) and the use of a matching box makes them that much more special looking - ideal for that special birthday :)