Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. As we were decorating Sian's bedroom we had put her bed into our room over the weekend so she was up and about really early but I wasn't allowed out of bed until she said...

Sian (helped by daddy) brought me breakfast in bed. Cup of tea, bowl of cocoa pops, a slice of turkey (!), a cheese triangle (!!), 3 mini eggs and an After Eight mint - it was definately an interesting combination LOL!

I also had some lovely presents (flowers, chocolates, a strange wooden puzzle thingy and a red jelly!) as well as a day full of hugs and kisses - what more could I want :-)

Sian made me a beautiful card in school. It had a hyacinth on the front and this is what she wrote:

"To Mummy,

Thank you for being the best mummy in the world

I will put hearts in your hearts

because you will be mine for ever

if I am yours forever.

Lots and kits of love

from Sian"

soggy eyes all round in our house on Sunday morning....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So long.....

Can't believe it's so long since I've last blogged - life has been pretty hectic for the last few weeks but seems to be calming down now (finally).

Quick run through of what we've been upto:

Sian is about to lose her 2nd baby tooth - it's dangling and wiggling LOL!

We've almost finished decorating her bedroom. Walls are painted, new furniture in, new bedding on and new curtains are up. The only things left to do are hang the new white blind and paint some accent circles on the walls. Sian absolutely adores her new room and so far, it's remained tidy LOL! (The pictures were taken before the curtains were up)

Work has been crazy. The offices are now empty of all furniture, carpets cleaned and walls re-painted. I'm now located in the factory and just passong time until redundancy on 5th April. The lads are all busy doing the rectification work and I get the job of supervising them LOL!

I've had a few job interviews over the last few weeks. I've been offered a new job today which I'm really excited about - out of them all this was the job I wanted.

Decorating should continue next week - our bedroom this time. Paint is bought but inpiration hasn't yet arrived.

We're off to look for a new camera on Monday :)